Tilt Table

Brooklyn, NY 2022

As we adapt to a new normal with our homes now serving multiple functions—kitchens and living rooms becoming offices and meeting spaces—our boundaries between work and life have blurred. Our furniture now takes on an added role to perform beyond their original intentions. The Tilt Table is a response to that performative need, offering a way to flip the switch and enter a new mindset.

The Tilt table is a minimally designed side table with geometric cuts carved into its boxy form. In its upright position the side table provides a flat surface suitable for working, when tilted on its sliced corner only a small shelf is available for use, sized to fit a single glass. Through the physical act of tilting your furniture, you're able to provide a new function, elevating each ritual.

Dimensions: 10.5” x 10.5” x 18”
Materials: Shown in ash veneer with hardwax oil finish.

Please contact me for more information or custom orders.