Nonus Side Table

Brooklyn, NY 2024

An ode to Pluto, the Nonus Collection is an exploration of the unique characteristics of the former ninth planet’s journey around our sun. Drawing inspiration from the eccentric orbit path of Pluto and the asymmetric center of mass shared with its largest moon, each piece of this collection strikes a dynamic balance within their minimal geometries.

The Nonus Side Table plays with the geometric nature of planetary orbit paths. At the heart of its design lies a 17-degree sliced plane intersecting an elliptical top surface, a visual representation of the unique tilt of Pluto’s elliptical orbit path relative to the plane of our solar system. Crafted from steel and finished with a blackened patina, the Nonus Side Table evokes the depths of the cosmos.

Dimensions: 14” x 15” x 20”
Materials: Steel with blackened patina finish

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